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Feel free to browse the website and use the search tools available here. The search comes directly from the Denver MLS and should be accurate as to the correct status of the homes.

After living in Denver for 50 years and working the Park Hill and Denver Real Estate Market for over 30 years, I would be glad to assist you with your purchase or sale. I am available to speak with you whenever you have additional questions or concerns. Denver is still highly rated and very desirable for all.

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Robert McGuire has been in real estate for 30+ years and knows his way around the housing markets. He and his team are perfect when searching for a home or selling.

Marty Selden

Honest, trustworthy, conscientious… I know their character and it is of the utmost.

Community News

Roses Attacked – Japanese Beetles in Denver

We all love to enhance our home landscaping with beautiful flowers, and especially roses. In the last few years Denver has been swarmed by the attack of the dreaded Japanese Beetle. It pretty much destroyed the great rose bush displays and other gorgeous flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens. My wife’s rose garden photo here… [Read More]

Northeast Park Hill Realtor

I am a Park Hill Realtor and long time resident. I love where I live and work. Park Hill is one of the most renowned communities in the Denver area with classic homes from the 1930’s and 1940’s. In addition, a few turn of the century homes and mid-century moderns add variety and spice.  ‘South Park Hill’ has received most… [Read More]

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